Why Use Direct Marketing Anymore? 

78397007It has become simple to blast out an e-mail or create an online targeted social media campaign. Why then would marketers worry at all about using direct marketing tactics of the past? The short answer is because a lot of them still work. However, a more detailed explanation can provide further insight.

Micro-Targeting Shrinks Mail Volume

Some look at the decreasing volumes of mail and think that this must mean the end of direct marketing. To the contrary, the decreases are largely attributed to better direct marketing techniques.

Micro-targeting has enabled marketers to better select their audiences and thus avoid the “mass mailings” of the past. Directmac.org spells it out quite nicely,

…However, the increased ability to micro-segment has resulted in a more targeted approach.   This “mirco-targetting” equates to an overall decrease in mail volume from the days of the “Mass Mailing” approach.

Even what appears as a problem for direct marketing is more or less a testament to the strength of it.

E-Mail Marketing Is Not As Personal

Marketing to someone’s e-mail account simply isn’t personal enough anymore. When e-mail was first widely available it was a treat for people to open each e-mail and see what was inside. Now, spam e-mails flood the inbox folders of most individuals, and e-mails as a whole are largely ignored.

The likelihood of direct mail being opened is high for those using strong marketing techniques. At the same time, it still requires a level of authenticity to get noticed. Design is a very important part of direct mail campaigns. Spend time focusing on that pays dividends.

Marketing Diversification Matters

At the very least, companies concern themselves with direct marketing for diversification purposes. Different customers prefer direct methods of communication. Some may actually enjoy receiving mail better than e-mails or other types of communication. Value exists in all customer types, and they all deserve marketing.

Contact us for more information about direct marketing and the reasons to continue to practice.


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