Direct Mail And the Importance of Getting The Basics Right

canstockphoto10545642If Direct Mail is dying, it’s hospital bills have to be through the roof by now. Reports of its demise have gone back to the early 1980s, and and the introduction of email marketing as the ‘newer, better version of direct mail’ surely sealed the death of their older, clumsier cousin.

Yet, it’s still here. Somehow, in our digital age of instant reach via social media, web and email, over $40 billion is still spent on direct mail each year, making it the largest single direct marketing expenditure today. How can direct mail, pronounced dead countless times by now, still be successful? By getting the basics right.

The Mailing List

A main concern with direct mail is how quickly consumers discard the pieces after checking their mailbox. Marketers are combating this issue with getting fancy – designing and creating unique, eye-catching pieces, sometimes even including physical objects, to pique their audience’s attention.

It’s easy to get swept up in creating these kinds of direct mail. Still, never forget what determines the success of direct mail: the mailing list. Each and every member of that list has a cost attached, and should have a realistic possibility of converting to a customer. It’s easy to buy a list of leads for your direct mail campaign, but how many of them will actually be interested in your piece? Doing so risks unnecessary expense with little chance of success.

On the flip side, a list created by you – with leads generated either via forms on your website or personal interactions – has a much higher chance of success. Don’t be afraid to spend considerable amounts of time targeting your list specifically to your offer – your budget and ROI will thank you.

The Value Proposition

Similarly, even the most elaborate and well-targeted piece of mail won’t be successful if it doesn’t offer your audience something of value. Your entire piece, whether it’s a postcard or a fold-out with a pen included – should focus on a singular benefit to the consumer. Ask yourself the question: what would convince your audience to take action and become customers? Once you’ve found an answer, don’t be afraid to design – and target – your entire piece of direct mail around it.

Fancy designs and visuals are great at directing your audience’s attention to your direct mail piece. But only getting the basics right – utilizing an effective list and value proposition – ensures that your direct mail ROI will be so successful, you’ll proclaim the entire industry healed on the spot. And we can help you get there! Contact us today to let us help you with your direct mail strategy.

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