Why A Mail Call Still Has Such An Impact

canstockphoto20177883One might easily fall into the belief that mail would have little to no impact on the average consumer these days. This has easily been proven false. Rather, mail pieces have an out sized impact compared to their cost. It is certainly a method of marketing that is worth a second look.

Testing The Waters In A New Market

Perhaps the most appealing part of a direct mail marketing campaign is its reasonable cost. It makes it possible to test the waters so to speak in a new market before unrolling a larger marketing effort.

Entrepreneur.com explains the value of this method in this way,

Direct marketing provides you with a way to conduct a test of this market relatively quickly, at a reasonable cost, and with convincing certitude. You’ll know whether this is indeed the gold mine you hope it is.

A Quick Way To Market

Aside from cost, speed of marketing matters as well. The sooner that one gets a campaign moving, the sooner they can see results from that campaign. Direct mail marketing is among the quickest ways to spread a message. Bulk mailings make the process all the quicker and more uniform.

Statistics from bulk mailing campaigns come in almost immediately and show the effectiveness of a particular approach. If changes need to be made, this should show up in the numbers.

Mailing Lists Are Reusable

A mailing list that one purchases are reusable. The people on the list have some reason for being on that list. They have expressed an interest in the products you sell, or they at least meet demographic factors that make them a valuable target for marketing materials.

Tweaking the mailers can change the results seen from a mailing list. As a company sharpens its pitch, it often sees improved results even from the same target audience.

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