Direct Mail Marketing Is Now Trending!

ROIIf you’re thinking of dropping direct mail marketing in favor of social media marketing, or email marketing – you should reconsider. According to a recent article, there is a current increasing trend of companies abandoning mass marketing (by sending out lots of bulk emails, or using social media) to reach as many people as possible. They are, instead, favoring one-to-one marketing. This is due to the “refinement in data mining, [such that,] companies are able to tailor… direct mail campaigns down to the individual person level.”

This personalized environment is perfect for direct mail marketing since you can better personalize physical mailings, unlike electronic marketing. If someone prefers a certain kind of physical package, you can physically send them that package. If you know they prefer products of a certain nature, you can include samples of these products. Do they have pets? You can even shape the envelope and letter to resemble pet-friendly shapes – like bones.

A recent case study shows how effective direct marketing truly is. History Asia decided to pursue a huge, specialized direct mail marketing campaign to advertise its new reality competition show. As the reality show was being filmed, photos of key events “were delivered twice a week… to introduce the series…. Each photo postcard consisted of a description of the series of the photographers and a call-to-action to tune in to the premier….” The response was more than favorable! “There were many positive comments… with some even requesting for high-res versions of the photos…. The total regional PR value garnered… to date is more than US$1.2 million.”

4CP, Inc. can help you with your direct mail marketing campaigns! We have been in the business for decades and throughout these years, we’ve helped numerous clients improve their business. In fact, we guarantee we can improve your marketing efforts and profits! Contact us today to learn more.

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