Future of Direct Marketing

canstockphoto17938294Many people talk about direct marketing in terms of mail versus digital. The thought being that one is better than the other and will win out in the long run. The truth is that the future of direct marketing is actually integrating the two. Mail is not going to be overtaken by digital marketing. In fact, people currently respond more favorably to mail marketing.

According to Statista the revenue of direct mail advertising has grown over recent years. In 2014 the revenue was 12 billion dollars. The response rate to direct mail has been found to be considerably higher than that of emails. DMA indicates that the response to mailings can actually be 10 to 30 times higher than emails. Digital ads have a lower response rate than emails do.

The theory as to why direct mail has the highest response rate is people are so overwhelmed by the quantity of emails they receive and the digital ads that they see they can’t and don’t read everything. Their mail is less overwhelming so they find they have the time to review a direct mailing.

By integrating direct mail and digital marketing success is even more likely. Embedding QR codes in the mail pieces is one way to make the mail more functional. Also providing a personalized mailing increases the chance the recipient will take notice.

Add in the fact that the USPS decided not to raise postal rates in January 2015 and the future of direct marketing is very bright. For further information about printing or mailing for your business contact us.

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