Creating a Successful Holiday Direct Mail Marketing Strategy 

stickersheet_1For many businesses the holiday season is their make or break time of year. Strong fourth quarter sales are crucial to making their goals and planning budgets for the next year. With so many businesses competing for customer attention around the holiday season how do you make your store stand out? Direct Mail is an essential part of a successful holiday marketing campaign. Creating an effective mail campaign for holiday shopping requires a special touch unlike any other.  Here are a few tips for helping your business rise above the rest.

1. Start Early- Current research shows consumers begin their holiday shopping as early as October. With many advertisers focusing on Black Friday, starting your campaign early can help keep your ad from getting lost in the sea of Thanksgiving time mail advertisements.

2. Mail Often- Starting your campaign early gives you a chance to get multiple mailings into the hands of your potential customers without them feeling as if they are being bombarded by your store. Do not make the mistake of waiting for a response to your first mailing to schedule follow up mailings. It’s important to remember mailing time is often slower during the holiday season. While you wait to see how the first mailer performs, other retailers are competing for consumers’ attention.

3. Do Not Neglect the Online Market- More consumers are choosing to do the majority of their holiday shopping online. Big box and chain stores are masters of capturing this market, but many people still prefer to support local businesses and find unique gifts whenever possible. A direct mailer driving traffic to your website allows you to capture part of this market.

When planning your holiday marketing campaign, direct mail is an essential piece to ensuring your success. Starting early, mailing often, and using a combination of in store and online sales captures the attention of consumers. As the holiday season starts to wind down, following up with a mailer advertising your post-holiday sales can give your business that extra push to end the year with strong sales numbers.

For more information on effective direct mail campaigns and to start your holiday push, contact us today. Our dedicated staff is ready to assist with your most successful season yet.

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