4 Direct Mail Marketing Tips

canstockphoto12041085Direct mail marketing can be very effective because it shows up right in the customer’s mailbox, which they generally check everyday.  If it turns out that the product or service you’re selling is something that the customer has been thinking about buying, then it’s definitely likely to catch their eye and prompt a phone call which will eventually lead to increased sales.  However, it’s still important for your direct mail piece to be unique and persuasive without overdoing the sales element.  Here are a few tips to put together a direct mail piece which is sure to yield results:

  • Clear content.  Sometimes, direct mail is put together in the form of a personalized letter to the customer.  This is a good technique which will make the customer feel special.  But it’s not much use if the font in which you write is too small and the lines are so tightly spaced together that they tend to blur into each other.  Our team will help you to make sure that your content is clearly readable before you send it off.
  • Information.  People often forget that the main aim of advertising and marketing is providing the customer with information.  You tend to get so caught up in selling something that you forget to provide all the information the customer might need.  For example, if you’re selling furniture, you’ll need to tell your customer about the various pieces you stock, the colors they’re available in, whether they come with removable covers and how much each one costs.  Make sure that all this information is easily readable and accompanied by images.
  • Special offers.  Once you’ve communicated information in a clear way to your customer, you can draw their attention with your special offers or sales.  It’s ok to highlight this part of your direct mail piece as long as it’s not the only thing you end up focusing on.  People actually tend to be suspicious if they see the words “free” and “zero” one too many times.  So use these words but don’t overuse them.
  • Presentation.  The text of your direct mail piece is important but so are the images and the overall presentation.  Although you want people to sit up and take notice, you also want to come across as reliable.  Depending on what field you’re in, you might want to seem more trendy or more conservative.  So think about what you’re selling and your company image before you send out your direct mail piece.

Contact us for more information about putting together an effective piece of direct mail.

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