One Single Tip that can Make Your Direct Marketing 21% More Successful.

BTW verhogingIn direct marketing, having an advantage is the name of the game. From offering trial periods, to free products, finding something that will increase response rate is paramount. This however sometimes leads to simple things being over looked that have a tremendous impact on responses. In this case, we’re talking about the signature line.

In 1987, the Journal of Social Psychology published an study about response rates in relation to how signatures are inscribed, titled Survey Response Rate as a Function of Personalized Signature on Cover Letter. In this study they took a look at a variety of different signature styles, appearances, sizes, colors, fonts, and even the big question of handwritten versus printed signatures.

Glancing at the study, most people wouldn’t think how big of a ramification it has on the marketing world, however what the study determined is absolutely huge. When comparing survey response rates based on just the color of the signature, 21% more people responded when the signature was done in blue ink over any other color. Take a moment, let that sink in. Out of a group of 1,000 people contacted, that’s 210 more people responding!

The big guys in direct marketing saw this study for what it was immediately, something you can see for yourself by looking at the signature lines of such big names as Publishers Clearing House. You’ll notice that while the content and overall appearance may differ between direct mail letters, one near constant is that they all feature a signature in blue.

Of course, adding a second color to a print job increases the cost, especially with large professional printing companies. It involves an added ink, running the print through the presses twice, and can take longer. The big guys in direct marketing take that added expense happily because they, like you do now, know that the little added detail despite it raising the cost of the printing returns several fold in the increased response rate, making it an quality investment.

To find out more tricks to get your direct marketing to be more effective, and how we can help you fill your direct marketing needs, contact us.

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