Is Your Business Making These Direct Mail Mistakes?

35_2516978Direct mail can be a powerful tool to bring attention and new customers to your business, but to reap the rewards of this type of marketing you need to do it right. Just throwing together a package and sending it out into the wide world will not achieve the results that you need.

If you feel like you are not getting what you expected out of your Direct Mail campaigns, then you should make sure you are not engaging in any of these common direct mail mistakes:

Neglecting To Improve Your Mailing List

You should always be actively trying to cultivate a more effective mailing list. This doesn’t mean just adding more names onto the list either, bigger is not always better here.

You will achieve a much better response rate from a well targeted list of 100 people or businesses who are likely to have a need for your product than you will with a list of 500 people who you have not screened for potential.

Failing to Test Different Types of Packages 

A lot of work goes into developing a polished direct mail package, which can make it very tempting to continue sending out the same thing over and over. Unfortunately, it can take many attempts to find the right package to bring you maximum benefit.

It is well worth the effort to design and test many combinations of direct mail components to see what brings you the best response rate. Many businesses see huge differences in response rate depending on what they include in their mailers.

Having Poor Follow Up

While potential customers may take their sweet time before contacting you, they are still going to expect a fast response from you. If you are taking more than 48 hours to follow up with contact from direct mail responses, then your are probably missing out on many possible conversions.

You should also make sure to follow up on your most promising mailing lists with more than one mailing. Many times recipients who don’t respond to the first piece of direct mail will contact you on the 3rd or 4th mailing.

To find out what direct mail can do for your company, contact us for more information today.

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