Direct Marketing Isn’t Dead And Won’t Be For Some Time 

rs2-tombstoneSome have the idea in their mind that direct marketing is on its way out. They propose that the shift that the world has made to adopting electronics will be the death-blow to direct marketing efforts. This is just not so, and likely won’t for some time.

Reasons To Expect Continued Direct Marketing

You can count on your mailbox to continue being jam-packed with solicitations for a variety of services. Companies still see this as a great way to reach out to their customers. There are good reasons for this.

  • Rich Males- Men who have financial means are often still best reached through the mail. Direct marketing has proven perhaps the most efficient way to reach people who have money to spend. That is where the marketers are always going to gravitate towards.
  • Older Demographic- There is so much news about the latest trends that millennials are creating, but few follow along with what the older generation is doing. Ironically, millennials have little disposable income to throw around while those who are 50 or older have more money to spend. Those in this age group are still just as happy to correspond via the mail as they are to use the Internet.

How Direct Marketers Remain Relevant 

Marketers still must do what they have to in order to remain relevant. After all, there is pressure from other types of marketing. This is why the popular brands have long since polished their pitch. They want to offer you something unique, and they want to tell you why you need it now. explains their constant motivation simply like this,

Basically, everything in a marketing communication but especially in direct mail has to answer one question right away: What’s In It For Me? If the answer is clear, the prospect starts to get interested and look around.

This is the question always swirling in the minds of direct marketers, and it is part of what will keep them around for some time.

Contact us for more information about direct marketing and how it will continue to survive and thrive.

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