Be Creative With Your Direct Marketing Mailings

canstockphoto14668183In today’s digital world more and more companies are relying on the internet for Direct Marketing. Fewer and fewer mailings are arriving in mailboxes each day, however, there is still enough competition that your mailing may get tossed out before it is read. Your direct marketing piece needs to stand out, so get creative.

Customize your mailers to different demographics and geographical areas. What appeals to big city residents may not capture the attention of rural residents. Do a little research for each area you are marketing to before designing your mailer.

Stand out from other mailings. An odd shaped or odd sized flyer might cost a little more, but curious recipients will take a second look. Bold, bright colors and interesting textures fashion packaging that is impactful and not easy to ignore.

Be mysterious by sending out packaging that is three dimensional, chunky, thick, or uneven. This can be perceived as containing something valuable and will be opened right away.

Free is a word that immediately grabs the eye. People like to get things for free. Offer a small free item when the customer redeems your coupon or makes a purchase.

Market to your employees, vendors, and contractors by offering initiatives or an additional discount for a product. Often, the best customers come from inside your own business.

Keep it simple, short, and sweet. Sometimes less is best. Say it simply and cleanly. Don’t overload your customer with too much information.

Make it interactive. People love games. Create a game or puzzle where each piece is placed on a separate mailing. Your customers will have to watch the mail for each flyer that arrives in order to get the next piece, but they can only get another mailing if they order something or use your coupon. The completed game or puzzle is then mailed back to you for a prize or you can supply a code on the last piece that accesses a special or free item on your website.

By getting creative with your direct marketing campaign you will attract the attention of more customers and many of them will wait eagerly for your next mailing. When you need a helping hand with your direct marketing mailing contact us.

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