Don’t Forget These Little, but Important Tips When You Plan Your Direct Marketing Campaigns

canstockphoto12041085Direct marketing is a smart choice for you if you’d like to decrease your marketing expenses without sacrificing any of your marketing quality! Rural Roots states that, “Direct marketing often brings a better return for your product since you avoid giving a cut…” to advertising agencies. They give a handful of tips that you can incorporate into your direct marketing strategy:

  • Keep current on marketing trends. So your direct marketing campaigns are very successful, however your research shows that pop quiz blogs are increasing in popularity – you should attempt to incorporate pop quizzes into your SEO content. What might be successful for you now, might not work so well in the near future – it’s wise to adapt to the market before you get left behind!
  • Give a little more value to your products or services and regularly communicate with your customers! Direct marketing isn’t solely about obtaining new customers – it also encompasses customer retention. Add a thank you note or small gift with your products and services – your consumers will appreciate the extra personalized sentiment and will think your gestures are authentic. You should also regularly contact your customers using weekly newsletters or personalized emails with free tips or tricks that they will be interested in. Giving free advice on matters relating to or not relating to your products and services will make your consumers more loyal.

Presently, a trending and surprisingly effective direct marketing tool is regular blogging on your website. Pepperdine University reveals, “Sixty-six percent of [companies] who blog weekly, and 78 percent of those who blog daily, have gained new customers.” They list guidelines for successful blogging like limiting your posts below 500 words, using SEO keywords, incorporating images, and encouraging your customers to interact via comments under each blog.

4CP, Inc. has almost two decades of experience in marketing! We’re all about teaching you how to fish rather than selling you fish. We will work with you to come up with strategic and effective marketing strategies! Contact us today to learn more!

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