How Retirees Are Shaping The Future Of Direct Mail Marketing

boomersDirect mail marketing has and always will be one of the most effective ways to garner the attention of a targeted market. People love getting fun stuff in the mail. Whether companies are sending out coupons, promotional products or complimentary catalogs, they are virtually guaranteed to make new conversions and form better relationships with their existing customers. In order to succeed in future direct mail marketing endeavors, however, companies must know exactly who they’re targeting.

Targeting The Aging Demographic

More companies are recognizing the benefits of targeting the aging demographic. These are baby boomers who are in relatively good health and who enjoy financial comfort and stability.  They are not taxed by the pressures of raising families or sending children off to college.  Ultimately, they have more money to spend on entertainment, gifts and non-essentials.   Thus, targeting this demographic with mailers is a great way to get a good return on investment. New cloud-based software can track customer behaviors and buying habits in order to create mailing lists that are best representative of those consumers who are willing and able to buy.

Current Customers

What this really means for companies is that the greatest profits can be gained by simply fostering a loyal customer base. Direct mail marketing will soon become far less outreach-oriented and more about building better relationships. Rather than disbursing educational materials that assist in moving people through the buying process, companies can focus on producing high-quality distributions that showcase their products. These efforts are more about standing out from the competition than creating awareness.

Value-Oriented Clients

The bulk of a company’s new customer base is also likely to be value-oriented. Thus, it is vital for companies to place an emphasis on value in their distributions. People are more likely to respond to these offers if they feel that they have a limited opportunity to get a great deal.

Businesses must be aware of the way in which their targeted markets are changing. Direct mail marketing campaigns should focus on interested consumers who are qualified to buy. These efforts will always provide the best returns. Contact us to create your next direct mail campaign.

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