Why Direct Mail is Still Your Best Option

78397007You may think that direct mail marketing has been usurped by the plethora of internet marketing strategies. This is far from the case – recently, Indiana State University’s community service is ranked first place – and the university chooses to utilize “a direct mail annual fundraising campaign letter for a local health and medical-related nonprofit organization.”

According to Ohio University, direct mail marketing is unique in that it’s able to reach market segments otherwise unreachable by other forms of marketing. One example of this are the older generations who don’t use the internet and are not computer-savvy. These consumers won’t see Facebook ads, or Tweets – your only access to them is direct mail and television advertisements. Given that television advertisements are expensive and not everyone watches TV – your best option is to go with direct mailing. Everyone has to check their mail – and that’s one of the best advantages of direct mail marketing.

The key to maximizing your success with direct mailing lies in having a great mailing list. The University of Kansas provides good pointers on how to go about doing this:

  • Buy or rent lists from brokers who specialize in compiling them via demographic surveys.
    • Make sure to check the references of these brokers to certify they are legitimate and successful.
  • Lists degrade by 7% in accuracy after they’re three-months old.
    • Use any list only two times, and retain only the consumers who have responded.
  • You can also use the NCOA by USPS to form your lists.
    • Audit these lists at least once per annum to filter frequent buyers and non-responders.
  • Public records are also key areas you can compile your lists from.
  • You can also buy or rent subscription lists from magazines which target your products’ demographics.

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