The 5 D’s That Will Make Direct Marketing A Success

canstockphoto20177883Your direct marketing campaign is capable of wonderful results! It can bring prospects to your door and turn them into customers, giving a real punch to the bottom line.

Only if you do it right!

Here are the 5 D’s of a good campaign. These tips will help you maximize your ROI on your direct marketing campaign.

#1: Determine your goal. A mistake many make when undertaking a direct marketing campaign is to not sit down and set a goal. What do you want to accomplish? Do you want increased leads, a higher market share, a lower customer erosion rate? Do not be vague! identify your goals as specifically as possible, and make certain they are measurable. Defining your goal is the basis for the success of the entire campaign.

#2: Decide on the budget. Study your overall marketing budget to figure out what proportion needs to be spent on direct marketing. It all depends on what you can afford and your expectations of the results. If you are building brand awareness, or have heavy competition, you most likely need to allocate a big chunk to the campaign. On the other hand, companies who are well established with strong brand recognition may choose a smaller budget for this portion of the overall marketing strategy.

#3: Define your target market. Implementing a direct marketing campaign will be unsuccessful unless you decide who you are trying to reach. Who is your customer? What are their pain points? Study your current “best customers” to get an idea of who should be targeted. Create content that will appeal to those types of prospects.

#4: Develop leads. Have you created interest in your product through your direct marketing campaign? Great! Now what? Leads will need to be properly developed or they will wither on the vine. Push them through the sales funnel by putting a standardized, consistent follow up procedure in place beforehand. Follow through is KEY.

#5: Deliver the promised results. This is the most important step. Without is, all the others are useless. Provide a quality product, exemplary customer service and the promised warranties and guarantees. KEEP the customer that your company worked so strategically to gain.

Implementing the 5 D’s takes a little time on the front end. By sitting down and putting these items in place up front, you will see big rewards down the road.

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