Direct Marketing: Still at the Heart of Sales

78397007Direct Marketing is a word that, unlike many of our tech words, has been around for a long time now. But it has changed in meaning. When we say this word now, many people think of online ads on Facebook, video marketing techniques, and social media. But the truth is there is one thing that is still at the heart of direct marketing: PRINT MEDIA.

As a matter of fact, this industry has only gotten stronger with the advent of the internet and online marketing. Here’s why:

  1. Internet ads need print ads to complement their message and drive more sales to their online websites, coupons, and other messages.
  2. Print ads put the message in the hands of the consumer in the physical world, something that internet will never be able to do.
  3. Print ads, flyers, and hard copy coupons are something people keep with them and can act on at any time. Therefore, it always stays in the consciousness of the potential customer.
  4. You can integrate phone numbers, email addresses and websites on your hard copy materials so that it works together seamlessly with your internet marketing strategies.
  5. Print resonates with older customers, who grew up with print as their primary advertising medium.

Direct marketing  has changed in that we can now incorporate a host of internet online strategies to get our message across. But leaving out the most important piece of this strategy would be a costly mistake. Print ads and mailers are still the single most important way to reach mass numbers of people in the shortest time.

Direct marketing is still at the heart of sales. And the most important part of this is print mailings. If you need anything printed for your business, or if you need mass mailings and want to reach the greatest number of people at the lowest cost, contact us. We’re at the heart of direct marketing. Let us help you reach the masses.

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